Alper focuses on commercial law, contract law and labour law consultancy and dispute resolution in these fields.

Through providing support to his clients at all stages of commercial and operational cycles, Alper takes on active roles in assisting multinational companies and international NGO’s in entering and exiting from the Turkish market as well as engaging in full assistance for operational requirements in between. In this respect, Alper has provided consultancy to several international NGO’s and companies in the textile, healthcare, metal, construction, food, chemical, agriculture, consulting and entertainment industries.

Alper’s educational background in business administration and work experience in commercial law enables him to provide practical and comprehensive guidance for commercial purposes. In this respect, Alper has also undertaken roles in winding down commercial operations inclusive of restructuring of commercial activities, financial restructuring and collective employee dismissals.

Alper also plays an active role in commercial, labour, consumer and tort related disputes. He assists clients in managing disputes at the offset by providing settlement negotiation services as well as the entire dispute process before courts.

While representing his clients, Alper takes their commercial objectives into consideration during the preparation, negotiation and execution of contracts, initial stages of disputes, settlement of negotiations and dispute of resolutions. Alper’s activities in various fields of law contribute significantly to his ability to offer integrated and innovative approaches and effective solutions.

As a professional manager, Alper also works as a board member and liquidator at several companies.

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