inter-city travel restrictions and travel permissions within the scope of covid-19 restrictions

22 June 2020

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Inter-City Travel Restrictions and Travel Permissions within the Scope of COVID-19 Restrictions

Through the Circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (“Ministry”) published on 3 April 2020 (“Circular”) within the scope of the proposal of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee regarding COVID-19 measures; all entries/exits to 30 provinces with metropolitan status and Zonguldak province (by land, air, and sea) were restricted. 

For the provinces specified in the circular, all entries/exits to be made by land, air, and sea (public transport, private vehicle, and pedestrian, etc.) were temporarily restricted for 15 days from 00.00 am starting on 3 April 2020. Through the additional circular issued by the Ministry published on 18 April 2020, the period of the measure has been extended for 15 days from 00.00 am starting on 18 April 2020.

The Ministry issued an additional circular to the relevant governorships regarding the exemptions will be made for the travel restriction and under which conditions the travel warrant may be issued.


Who Can Obtain the Travel Permission?

Pursuant to the additional Circular named “Exceptions Regarding Province Entry/Exit Restriction”, individuals who are granted travel permission may travel between cities as an exception to the general prohibition. Travel permissions may be issued by Travel Permission Boards that are operating under Governorate / District Governorships. The travel permission may be provided to applying individuals who:

  • are discharged from the hospital where they are treated,

  • will travel to attend the funeral of a first-degree relative, sibling or their spouses.

  • have been referred with a medical report and/or have a doctor appointment/control already taken,

  • will accompany the transfer of funeral to another city (maximum of four individuals per funeral) except for the funeral of those whose cause of death is COVID-19,

  • have arrived in the city in the last 5 days and have no accommodation,

  • have just completed their military service,

  • have just been released from prisons,

The travel permissions issued for citizens aged 65 and over and those with chronic illnesses, who are banned to leave the house within the scope of Circular No. 5762, dated 22 March 2020; will also apply to entrance and exit of the cities under restriction.


How to Obtain Travel Permission?

Application for travel permission can be carried out through:

  • “Alo 199” line of the Ministry,

  • E-Application system of Ministry,

  • Direct application to Travel Permission Boards under governorships and district governorships.


How Valid Is Travel Warrant?

Travel permit documents may be issued from departure provinces for a single departure or departure/arrival. It will be valid for up to 36 hours if it is arranged for one departure and up to 72 hours if it is arranged for departure and arrival purposes.

Content: Stj. Av. Mustafa Tayfun Laik

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