watch out for additional regulations: notification obligations regarding donations and aid sent abroad

28 December 2020

Watch Out for Additional Regulations: Notification Obligations Regarding Donations and Aid Sent Abroad

Amendments to the Law on Associations will place an obligation on associations to carry out a notification before aid is sent outside of Turkey. It has been determined that his issue will be further detailed in secondary legislation. Moreover, amendments on the Law on Aid Collection stipulate that "the procedures and principles in the aid disbursed domestically or abroad shall be determined by secondary legislation."

Naturally, there are unknowns regarding how the secondary legislation will be formulated. Nevertheless, an administrative fine ranging from TRY 5.000 to TRY 100.000  shall be imposed on:

  • Associations which do not fulfill their obligation to carry out notification regarding the disbursement of aid to individuals, institutions and organizations located abroad; and,
  • the members of the aid collection board or the board of directors who disburse aid in a manner which breach the procedures and principles which are to be determined in the secondary legislation.
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