Personal Data Protection: Criminal Sanctions Stipulated in the Turkish Criminal Code

The Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 ("TCC") regulates the actions which may constitute crimes with respect to the unlawful use of personal data. The Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVK") remains important in this context because it provides a clear definition of personal data. Certain actions which constitute a breach of the KVK may result in administrative fines imposed by the Personal Data Protection Board. However, the same actions may also constitute a breach of the TCC, which may result in criminal prosecution of individuals and criminal sanctions. We have these crimes and the relevant criminal sanctions below.

04 March 2020

Social Cooperatives and Their Importance

As a model of social entrepreneurship social cooperatives stand out as structures which bring together the purpose of social impact and entrepreneurship. In this post we have outlined the importance and certain aspects of social cooperatives.

01 March 2020
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