Hüseyin focuses on the Turkish criminal law system, criminal norms in other relevant national legislations and international criminal law.

In the course of his career, Hüseyin has represented his clients as an attorney for victims, plaintiffs and defendants in primarily crimes against the security of government (terrorism), economic crimes, crimes against persons, crimes against private life and the privacy of life, crimes against property, cyber crimes, and many related investigations and prosecutions.

Providing support to its clients in all stages of the criminal proceedings, Hüseyin provides legal assistance to its clients in the application process and subsequent proceedings before the Turkish Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights with respect to rights borne from the virtue of the Constitution and international legislation are violated.

Throughout his career, Hüseyin has practised law to cover practices on a wide range of crimes, and worked in many fields of law involving criminal norms, including the Turkish Commercial Code, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, and Public Procurement Law. These experiences enable Hüseyin to develop an effective defence strategy through approaching cases from a more integrated point of view.

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