You may be faced with cases of unfair dismissal, mobbing, unpaid bonuses and similar income claims, as well as workplace accidents which may result with requirement for legal advice or representation services. We have comprehensive experience in the field of labour law as we support both employers and employees at various stages throughout employment relations.

We have represented both employers and employees in negotiations and before mediators or courts on many occasions including reinstatement and compensation against unfair dismissal, unpaid bonuses, overtime pay and other unpaid income claims as well as compensation cases based on mobbing as well as salaries for prematurely terminated definite term agreements. We have successfully represented our clients on several cases of pre-termination negotiations, allowing us to secure our clients’ rights without undergoing a formal dispute resolution process.

In addition, for the compensation of damages from occupational accidents and diseases, we provide legal guidance to our clients in terms of death, physical injuries, non-pecuniary damages, loss of workforce and all other damages depending on the nature of such incident. We delegate work to our lawyers that have received actuarial training to ensure more accurate calculation of such damages. In subsequent phases, we assist our clients in claiming and securing compensation of damages from the counterparty through initiating faster alternative dispute resolution methods or litigation.

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