With changing regional dynamics, Turkey has come a country where international institutions, non-governmental organisations, and non-profit organisations based abroad are increasing their operations. These organisations undertake activities in Turkey either directly themselves by establishing a legal entity in Turkey or indirectly through Turkish non-governmental organisations and companies. However, the dynamic legal landscape creates ever changing challenges to be overcome, from both an operational and compliance standpoint.

We provide legal and compliance support to international institutions and non-governmental organisations on the type of structure in which they may operate. We advise on the incorporation of entities in Turkey as well as possibilities and conditions of cooperation with Turkish entities. The nature of operations such entities will be conducting in Turkey, the human resources capacity they require, the predicted time for operations and the resources to be utilised are key factors in determining the structure which may be implemented.

In addition, we support such institutions and organisations to begin operations in Turkey in the shortest possible time by coordinating each aspect to provide close support on taking necessary steps to conduct operations such as rent, employment contracts, administrative representation or accounting, as well as their compliance in day-to-today activities.

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