If there is anything more complex than a commercial enterprise beginning to operate in any country, it is the execution of a market exit decision. Depending on the nature of the market exit decision, we assist our clients with the sale and transfer of commercial entities and companies, as well as liquidation procedures. We implement market exit processes through liquidation in two main phases consisting of pre-formal liquidation preparations the formal liquidation process.

Dissolving operations, determining employment termination conditions and executing these terminations, terminating contracts with suppliers and customers and clearing accounts, terminating lease agreements and converting assets registered in the balance sheet to cash, and preferably even emptying and handing over office areas are some of the steps which need to be taken in the course of the liquidation. In addition these operational elements, a series of resolutions will be required on a shareholder and management level. As such, executing a liquidation requires extensive knowledge and experience in labour and social security, contracts, corporate law, as well as dispute processes.

Our team has a proven capacity in undertaking primary roles in liquidation processes, both as advising attorneys, board members and liquidation officers. Our experience combined with our hands-on approach allows for us to plan, execute and finalise all legal and significant business related steps of liquidations.

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