Our dispute resolution and management practices encompass litigation, arbitration, mediation as well as execution and bankruptcy law. Through ensuring that our clients properly understand the risks associated with disputes, we create and implement an effective negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration strategy.

Regardless of the nature of the relationship causing the dispute, the outcome of the litigation or arbitration process depends on the management of these processes at least as much as meticulously preparation for the dispute before it reaches this stage. Therefore, we place emphasis on intervening as soon as the dispute begins, and to carefully prepare for dispute resolution process.

If there is a possibility to resolve the disputes without going through a lawsuit, and if this is a faster and cost effective method, as expected, we initial attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation or mediation. At this stage, we offer our clients options for negotiation strategies and all relevant legal instruments for conducting the negotiations and, if required, we represent our clients in these negotiations.

We have represented our clients from various sectors in many cases, including distributorship and agency disputes, portfolio indemnity, claims for unfair competition, disputes arising from sales and other contracts, especially non-performance, tort related claims as well as those relating to consumer law, labour practices and workplace accidents.

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