Criminal law is the area of which is generally has the most tangible effect on an individual’s rights and freedoms.

It is possible to find ourselves as a victim or perpetrator of a crime at any time due to the ever-increasing complexity of social life, business and informatics processes. Individuals and companies, often do not know what to do and how to react to situations where they are in direct contact with criminal law related institutions, which may cause serious problems if effective legal assistance is not acquired.

Our criminal practice primarily in crimes against the security of government (terrorism), economic and white collar crimes, crimes against property, crimes against private life and the privacy of life as well as cybercrimes, and related investigations and prosecutions. Moreover, we assist clients in other fields of law involving criminal norms, including the Turkish Commercial Code, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, and Public Procurement Law.

In this respect, we provide effective on-site legal assistance in the diverse processes of criminal law with our experienced colleagues competent in criminal law practices. We take part in and providing legal assistance with filing complaints and making allegations for the initiation of criminal investigations, representation during the law enforcement and prosecution stages in the criminal investigation of suspects or plaintiffs, detention, arrest, providing statements and taking part in custody processes, searches and seizures.

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