Our corporate and commercial law practice encompasses the entire life cycle of businesses, including market entrance, restructuring and establishing a market presence to exiting the Turkish market; and all that is in between.

In most cases, the fact that a business enterprise begins to operate in any country means that the operation is established within the framework of a new set of legislation. This starts with establishing the right entity in Turkey but it does not end there. As such, our support for market access is not limited to establishment, we help our clients in tax registration, opening bank accounts, establishing human resources presence, renting offices and other workspaces, so that we may deliver a turnkey operation.

In the course of our relationship with the clients or on individual project, we provide assistance for restructuring of operations through sale or purchase of commercial entities or production assets, establishing or separating from joint ventures; or, implementing mergers or spin-offs.

In addition, we assist clients with their day-to-day business, on issues including but not limited to contract, labour, commercial and criminal law. The range of experience of our team enables us to provide legal services for a wide range of legal needs and challenges of our clients. Our awareness of our client’s operations also allow us to provide them with the necessary insight in a rapidly changing legal landscape, so that they can be prepared for the challenges ahead.

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